Case Studies → Sparrow’s Nest Studio Design System

The challenge: introduce an extremely niche business with a product that few people are aware of - and with the ones that are aware often having deep cultural ties. I acted as the creative director and “full stack” designer, creating a design system to appeal to target audiences and be easily used by non-creatives. 

The brand would need to exist in the physical and digital form. The stakeholders planned for a multipurpose physical location, a “third place” to learn, play, and socialize. There would also be an e-commerce site to establish the brand’s presence and reach customers online. (More on that site in another case study).

Logo Development Process

Logo, Color Palette, and Type Styles

Brand Style Guide
After making the brand identity, I created a guideline of how the logo system, typography, and colors worked. For ease of use by internal non-designers and external teams, the guide exists as a sharable Google Doc with plenty of examples and hyperlinks. 

Products and Swag

Complementary Brand