Angel & Associates

A logo system for a consultancy that lives in real life and online


Angel & Associates is the personal consultancy of a leading expert in the field of community management. Through discussions with the client, I deterimed the logo would need to consist of both a wordmark and a brandmark, with the flexibility for the logo to appear in both digital and physical contexts. Whether on business cards, the website, social media, or even branded swag, the Angel & Associates logo must be recognizable. Most importantly, it had to communicate the brand’s combination of approachability and expertise. 


The client and I talked about their background, the goals for their business, and what they thought was most important for their brand. Concept thumbnails were presented to the client

The thumbnails that resonated with them were further explored.

Once a brandmark was chosen, the client and I worked to find a typeface that struck the right balance of tone, and to further refine the brand’s colors

After the gray/violet/white color scheme, serif typeface, and drop shadow were chosen, the logos were tested for compatability across backgrounds


The final logo system contained variants for both color context for the logo to be displayed in and its scale, ensuring the Angel & Associates brand of friendly expertise would be carried out in any situation. A style guide was handed to the client to advise on each variant and how it would be used. (Or not used).

Chris Yoritzo is a graphic designer with a digital focus, located in New York, New York. Chris likes designing solutions that aren’t just beautiful, but grounded in a deep understanding of users and their needs. Currently freelancing, and open to work.

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