Quick Facts

  • Last name is spelled like “iorizzo” but pronounced like “yo-rit-zo”
  • NYC transplant by way of Wilmington, DE
  • Currently specializing in UI and Visual Design with a background in branding design
  • Self-taught HTML and CSS
  • Zillennial sense of aesthetics but a Silent Generation work ethic
  • Too Online™
  • Should probably log off
  • Will never log off


Get in touch by emailing me at chris@yoritzo.com. I’m also on instagram and linkedin.  


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2014 - present

  • Led the UX research, UI design, and visual design for a cross platform indie game. Created brand and design system based on user research and market trends.
  • Developed wireframes, prototypes, and responsive front end code for an arts education business. Created visual design that spanned the needs of all user types. Iterated and modified design based on user feedback and site analytics.
  • Worked with businesses to develop logos, brand identities, website wireframes, and advertisements.
  • Art direction, experience design, and merchandise design for a corporate prescence at multiple major conventions.

June 2017 - June 2018

  • Created logos, posters, pamphlets, internal documents, social media images, etc. to a high level of quality and with a quick turnaround time.
  • Collaborated with team to develop new brands aligning with company style and user tastes.

University of Delaware Mac Lab
September 2017 - May 2018

  • Operated large and small format printers and monitored student printing.
  • Performed minor printer maintenance and troubleshot problems with printers and software.
  • Assisted students with use of Adobe Creative Suite.


Chris Yoritzo is a graphic designer with a digital focus, located in New York, New York. Chris likes designing solutions that aren’t just beautiful, but grounded in a deep understanding of users and their needs. Currently freelancing, and open to work.

Case Studies
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